How to build your audience from one recital to the next

As a performer, it is easy to see each performance as an isolated event. It begins, it finishes. Then you move onto the next event. But what if you added an extra element. Something that could follow you. Allow you to grow your support.

How to experiment and make progress as a classical musician

Its damp nose was continually scanning. It couldn’t tell you what it was looking for. But it knew when it detected it. An unmistakable scent. One of a kind. Unmatched by anything else. Perched on the fluorescent plastic. Bobbing with the waves. The roaring hum of the engine suddenly lowered.  It had to be found.Continue reading “How to experiment and make progress as a classical musician”

10 Ways Your Audience Can Help You As A Classical Musician

I’ve seen frowns, squirms and uncomfortable shifting when I approach this topic with musicians.

“It’s all about the music, nothing else.” takes an ingrained stance.

Yet today’s topic is a crucial part of any performance.

You…the music and…

Social Media For Classical Musicians: A Tool Or A Strategy?

It dived through my door. Neon pink. Curved lines imprinted. The Queen as an escort. It addressed me boldly as “Ollie”. Personal and unexpected. Valentines Day had been and gone. My birthday isn’t till April. Who could have sent this? Excitement and intrigue barged into my day.

3 Ways For Classical Musicians To Continue Digital Performances

Change is coming.

With the announcement of a return to in-person events, possibly by June, what does this mean for your digital performances?

Are you hoping to go BACK to pre-covid normal?

Or will there continue to be a place for your online performances?