5 alternative books to help classical musicians GO FOR IT.

I have 5 book recommendations for you. They all help with doing. Taking action. Giving you the strategy and steps to improve your career.

Each of them has given me simple action points to help me improve my life. I thought it was only fair to share them with you.

EXCITINGLY, they are non-music specific. We can learn a lot by looking beyond our musical bubble.

Have a better performing career as a classical musician

Last Saturday I received a DM from an intrigued musician. She was wondering how online performing could be used in addition to “real-life live performances”. Lets answer it…

Discover the best type of digital recital for you

Do you know the difference between Live Streaming, Streaming and Hybrid events?

Are you sure you know the pros and cons of each?

Do you know what the impact it will have on you and your audience?

If you said “no” to any of those questions, then read on. By the end of this email, you will “know your stuff” when it comes to choosing your online performing format.

How to turn passive followers into an active audience

I’ve talked many times about creating connections and building relationships. Turning passive followers into an active audience. The starting place is usually on social media. But how can you cut through the noise? Ignite a spark of connection?

How classical musicians can create income satisfaction from their live streams

83% of musicians surveyed found the lack of income from live streams the biggest barrier to continuing with it.

What is causing dissatisfaction with live stream income? How can it be solved?

How to create emotional connection during your live stream

How can you make sure your audience can connect emotionally to your performance?

Practise time is spent crafting your interpretation of the music. Each detail is carefully thought through. Translated into physical gestures. You want to know your audience are going to hear every detail. Experience your musical tale.

Take charge of your performing career as a classical musician

You are determined to forge your performance career.

But have you thought about doing it On YOUR terms?

Being visible online has something to do with it. But how can posting online be of help to you? Especially when there’s a deluge of stuff on your newsfeed already.

How to build your audience from one recital to the next

As a performer, it is easy to see each performance as an isolated event. It begins, it finishes. Then you move onto the next event. But what if you added an extra element. Something that could follow you. Allow you to grow your support.